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When you log in, you should see a submission screen with a large text field. Copy and paste your article from a word processor or type directly in the field. Give your article an appropriate title. If the client has asked for a specific title, please use the given title.

Proofread to be sure that the text is free of any mistakes. You can only receive the best possible rating with flawless articles. Google's toolbar has a spell-check function that works in our text field.

Now click on the “save text and count words.” If the word count meets the required minimum, you will see “release text” at the bottom of the page. Click on it, and the text will be sent to the client.

Your article has been submitted and cannot be altered unless Textbroker or the client ask for a revision.

You can observe the process of your article under "Assignments – Statistics." First, it will be checked for any copyright infringements. If our automatic system notices similarities to other works online or in our database of previously submitted articles, our administrative team will check your submission manually. If the text is too similar to one that is found elsewhere, we will ask you to revise the article. If no violations are detected, the article is forwarded to the client.

The client can then accept the article or send it back for revision. If the client fails to take action, the article will automatically be accepted by Textbroker after 96 hours.

After a client receives a revised article, they can accept, decline, or ask for another revision. Rejections will be evaluated by Textbroker and then will either be accepted or rejected. We try to make a fair and accurate judgment of whether the article fits the work requested for the quality level ordered as well as if revision requests were followed. If an article meets the order, we will side with the author. If the client’s requests were not met, we will side with the client. Both authors and clients are valued at our company, and we want to be fair to all parties. If you have any questions about an article or order instructions, please use our messaging system to contact the client.

Often times, the client accepts the article directly or after one revision. Upon article acceptance, the earnings are transferred to your Textbroker account. When our editorial staff rates your article, you will receive an email. 

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