Why I Like Spring Essay

Why I Love Spring

Maybe I am not original in my love for spring, but I just cannot help it. I really love it and can’t suppress my feelings. Why? Because it is so beautiful and great in all its manifestations!

When I walk out of my house in the beginning of spring, I can but smile and think to myself that here it is – the long-wished-for and favorite season, the one when there appear buds on trees and grass starts to grow after winter sleep, and it is so green and bright. Spring is the time when everything awakes and develops. Nature becomes renovated and gets ready for productive and warm months.

I am sure that such change in nature has effect on all the people. As for me, I am not an exception, as in spring I always plan many things I want to do in the nearest future to have a great time and improve myself. And I am especially proud that I usually succeed to achieve what I want. Everything owing to spring. I think that in winter all people are in some kind of hibernation. Life becomes slower and people rarely go out for a walk, as it is cold and not at all pleasant. In spring everything changes.

With the first warm sun rays people start to smile more, as they know that very soon it will be…


The Rite of Spring Essay

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When one thinks of a ballet they hear soft rhythmic notes and see elegantly dancing ballerinas softly tip-toeing around the stage. This is also what people in early 1900’s expected to see when they planned to attend a ballet. However, a couple of motivated artists in 1913 literally planned to change the design of ballet, music and dance forever. On May 29, 1913 a ballet named The Rite of Spring premiered in Paris, France. The original title as it translates from Russian to French is; Le Sacre du Printemps, meaning the rite of spring, but the literal translation from Russian to English means “Sacred Spring”. The ballet and music were composed by Igor Stravinsky, with the help of Nicholas Roerich, who proposed the general idea behind the…show more content…

Unlike traditional ballet The Rite of Spring featured sharply bent arms and legs that focused on barbarian depictions of life rather than the elegant, graceful representations used in conventional ballet. The violent dance steps depicted fertility rites, which is what provoked the earliest interruptions during the ballet. While Nijinsky was creating the dance for the ballet, Roerich was creating the setting and costumes to accurately portray this sacrificial rite. The use of such primitive pagan images were something that the people were not accustomed to. It was a topic that the world was not yet ready to deal with. But the visuals of the ballet were not the only historic part; the music had an even greater impact. The music was composed by Igor Stravinsky, who considered himself an inventor of music. He was also known for many controversial works reminiscent of Nijinsky. He created many works that blasted the whole realm of music into other possibilities, in which it would never return from. He started his career writing music for other ballets like Firebird and Petrouchka, which were grand and familiar like traditional ballet, but had a small hint of a more modern tone. It was not until The Rite of Spring that Stravinsky’s work was truly inspirational. This work tested the future of the 20th century classical music, and in many ways it paved the path to a modernized view. There are still many who do not understand how he

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