A2 English Literature Coursework Mark Scheme Edexcel

English/English Language 5EH01

English 5EH3A

English Language 5EN3A

Please remember to include transcripts/recordings and their sources used for the Spoken Language Study if you have not used Edexcel resources.

For 5EH3A and 5EN3A, please note that one mark needs to be entered on Edexcel Online:

5EH3A GCSE English, Unit 3, 'Creative English'
5EH3A Poetry (Reading) task and Creative Writing task /48

5EN3A GCSE English Language, Unit 3, The Spoken Language
5EN3A Spoken Language Study and Writing for the Spoken Voice /48

Speaking and listening 5EH3B (for both English and English Language)

Please retain these for inspection. As you are aware, although speaking and listening is an endorsement, it remains an integral part of the GCSE English/English Language specification. All candidates must be entered for this component (5EH3B) and have marks submitted for their speaking and listening activity.


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