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A national flag is a symbol which represents a country. Flag of each country has special design, colors and meanings which is signature eminence of that country. Similarly national flag of Pakistan has its own excellence which we are discussing in this post. Here you will get the details about national flag of Pakistan information in Urdu and English with history. You will get answers of your questions like ‘Who made the flag of Pakistan?’, ‘Who design the National Flag of Pakistan?’ “What is the meaning of green and white color and moon and a star meaning in Pakistan’s flag?’ This flag is also named as “parcham-e-sitāra-o-hilāl” or some where we say it as the “Sabz Hilali Parcham”. It is flown on special occasions attached with the memory of Pakistan including; Independence Day 14th August, Defense Day on 4th September, and many other republic day of Pakistan. Because a flag is our recognition and gratitude so we all respect this piece of cloth and we flown it above to our head in the air. Keep on reading this article to get more details about National flag of Pakistan information in Urdu and English.

Who Made The Flag of Pakistan

Amiruddin Kidwai was the designer of Pakistan Flag who design this flag on 11th August, 1947 four days before the independence of Pakistan. It was presented first time to Muslim League who was the first political party of Muslim before the independence of Pakistan. The design was approved by the league leader Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and on 11th August, 1947 it was flown as the symbol of the Islamic republic dominion of Pakistan.

Meaning of National Flag of Pakistan

When we are talking about the National Flag of Pakistan information we must discuss the meaning of green and white color meaning in Pak flag as well as the significance of crescent and star in green area. The green color represents the piece of Islamic nation under the Islamic rules and regulations. The white color represents the minorities and other religions in Pakistan. The moon or crescent and star represent the progress and light respectively.

National Flag of Pakistan Information in Urdu And English

National Anthem of Pakistan

So this is all the National Flag of Pakistan information in Urdu and English along with the history of national flag of Pakistan and answers of other generally asked questions. You can learn this article as the National Flag of Pakistan essay or speech at school level or you can also add some more data with your own research on internet so that you can present a good material to the listeners or readers.

National flag is always considered as the sign of unity and appreciation and even the identity of any nation so it is very much important that each independent state should have its own respective national flag. Pakistan also being an independent state has its own distinguished national flag, the history of the national flag of Pakistan came from the time when Muslims were striving for the independence under the cruel rule of Hindus and British. The national flag of Pakistan was being derived from the flag of All India Muslim League and just before the partition which was on 11th August 1947, the official declaration was being made by the constituent assembly for the national flag.

The national flag of Pakistan is a green field plain on which the white crescent and a five rayed star. The ideology behind the flag color combination is that the green color which is more prominent represents the Muslim majority in Pakistan while the minor white crescent and the star represents the religious minorities which are also given the equal right of living in the premises of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. In the center the crescent and the start also represents the traditional Islamic symbol which symbolizes the progress and light respectively. The flag has its distinguish meaning and ideology as the Pakistan national flag shows the ideology of Islam that it will be a Muslim state in which Muslims will be in Majority and with the same time the minorities will never be neglected as their rights are being reserved and will be treated with full equality.

Pakistan National Flag Meaning and Essay

According to the specifications of the national flag it is a dark green rectangular flag and the dimensions of the flag are in the ratio of 3:2, the flag comprises of two colors one is green and the other is white, the 1/4 part of the flag is being bisected vertically in white color while the remaining 3/4 of the flag constituent of dark green color. The national flag is being raised on several occasions in the country. Generally the flag is kept on raised on all the official buildings and places and all the governmental offices and assemblies while on the days like Independence Day, Pakistan day and the other respective days which commemorate any significant historical event. The national flag is being given respect and homage as salute is being prescribed for the people in front of the national flag

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