Cover Letter Introducing Yourself Examples Of Adverbs

What adverbs will help your resume? Who knows. Well, we know actually and here’s the list.

Use these adverbs to modify verbs when listing your skills and experience to make the text more engaging to the reader.

  1. Accurately
  2. Actively
  3. Ambitiously
  4. Analytically
  5. Artistically
  6. Assertively
  7. Competently
  8. Competitively
  9. Confidently
  10. Conscientiously
  11. Consistently
  12. Cooperatively
  13. Courteously
  14. Creatively
  15. Diligently
  16. Effectively
  17. Efficiently
  18. Energetically
  19. Enthusiastically
  20. Imaginatively
  21. Independently
  22. Intellectually
  23. Intelligently
  24. Logically
  25. Meticulously
  26. Patiently
  27. Perseveringly
  28. Pleasantly
  29. Practically
  30. Precisely
  31. Proficiently
  32. Progressively
  33. Rationally
  34. Realistically
  35. Reliably
  36. Resourcefully
  37. Responsibly
  38. Significantly
  39. Steadily
  40. Strongly
  41. Substantially
  42. Successfully
  43. Supportively
  44. Technically
  45. Thoroughly

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Sample approach cover letter

View this sample approach cover letter, or download the sample approach cover letter template in Word.

You're interested in a potential employer, but you need to introduce yourself and convey what you can do for the company. Writing an approach letter can help you get your point across. It should demonstrate your skills and experience, as well as your passion for your work. For writing tips, view this sample approach cover letter, or download the sample approach cover letter template in Word. 

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Sample approach cover letter template

Lisa R. Bowman
Sometown, MA 55555 | (555) 555-5555 | 

July 27, 2017
Ms. Stephanie Monroe
Human Resources Director
ABC Health Center
55 North Hillside Dr.
Sometown, MA 55555

Re: Medical Billing Internship

Dear Ms. Monroe:

ABC Health Center’s reputation for excellence suggests that you remain on the lookout for dedicated and detail-oriented medical billing professionals.

With that in mind, I am writing to explore the possibility of securing an unpaid internship within your medical billing department. This will allow me to complete my in-progress associate’s degree in insurance billing and coding, while you can add a productive and technically skilled professional to your team—without increasing your payroll.

I offer:

  • Solid credentials. In addition to my pending degree in insurance billing and coding from XYZ College, I hold an A.S. in liberal arts and current designation as a Massachusetts-Certified Nursing Assistant.
  • Medical billing and coding knowledge base. My courses at XYZ have covered claims processing, diagnosis/procedure coding, health informatics, healthcare systems and data entry, providing me with the knowledge and skills to add value to your operation without extensive training or ramp-up time.
  • A medical background that has been well-honed through three years of experience working as a CNA within large medical centers. I have a strong foundation in medical terminology, pharmacology, healthcare operations, EMR systems, patient charts/recordkeeping and HIPAA regulations.

I would welcome the chance to discuss an internship opportunity with you. You can reach me at (555) 555-5555 or email I look forward to our conversation.


Lisa R. Bowman
Enclosure: Résumé

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