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I know, I know. You're probably either cringing at the use of "soccer" instead of football, or wondering how a sport that sometimes ends in 0-0 ties and isn't regularly broken up by beer commercials could possibly be the best in the world. But let's put all that aside for a minute and talk about why this game -- whatever you want to call it -- is hands down, without question, the greatest sport that ever was.

  • 1. First off, it's a global sport.
  • 3. Plus, minimal equipment is required.
  • 4. Meaning you can play anytime, anywhere.
  • 5. Size matters less than agility and speed.
  • 6. But it's still athletically rigorous -- you have to be in amazing shape to keep up.
  • 7. Most sports get an "offseason" -- soccer doesn't.
  • 8. Meanwhile, World Cups bring the entire planet together.
  • 9. And with all the international friendlies taking place, you can see top teams play without spending a fortune.
  • 10. Mostly, it's just beautiful to watch.
  • 11. Especially when players master incredible tricks.
  • 12. Soccer chants prove just how passionate fans are about this.
  • 13. It's truly a team sport: Every person counts and anyone can score.
  • 14. Women kick ass in the game -- there's a women's World Cup that also gets crazy viewership numbers.
  • 15. Sportsmanship is an important part of the culture.
  • 16. Soccer announcers are far superior to all other announcers in the sports world.
  • 17. There are always new superstars whose fancy footwork or goal-scoring prowess seems to be a gift from the heavens.
  • 18. And there is nothing more amazing then watching a goal effortlessly hit the net.
  • 19. Mini celebrations after a player scores are the best.
  • 20. But most importantly, more people watch soccer than any other sport in the world.


Sports have been always the way of entertainment and bringing people together. There are various forms of sports played all around the world but nowadays events like soccer matches have become the topic of discussion as supporters of each team often end up in violence creating several misbehaviors. However, taking the majority in consideration, in my opinion, sporting events have been always supported and played successfully.

There are various reasons why sporting events can be good for us. First of all, it helps us to reunite for the society as well as for the country. Whenever there is a sport event either locally or internationally, people are excited and overwhelmed to see and support their teams. By this, people come together and forget their anger and sorrows. For example, in world cup football which is held every five year, it can be seen that thousands of people go to watch the match and show their support. Moreover, sports are good for health when played regularly. People are busy in their life and some of them do not like workout in gym. As a result, games have been their choice allowing them the regular exercises that make life easy and comfortable.

Yet, some people argue that sports are creating more violence and anger because of which young generation are turning up toward negative behaviors and attitudes. They believe that although sports are played with a lot of excitement and enjoyment, there are many incidents where fights have been broke down either between players or audiences. Nevertheless, in many ways, sports have more benefits. If rules and regulations are followed, sports can be regarded as one of the best forms to bring people together along with other various advantages.

In conclusion, everything has both positive and negative aspects. It would be unrealistic to anticipate all the positive outcomes from sports. Therefore, minimizing conflicts related with sports, it should be played to bring positive results.

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